This is what the paintball gun on Project Paintball looks like. Well, at least a preview or a tool handle of it. In-game, the paintball gun is 2.5D, instead of 2D. While playing on Project Paintball, you can change the look of your gun to a different style. Although, you are limited to the styles you can choose and purchase for your paintball gun. Here's a list of the skins you can use for your paintball gun.

(starred cannot be bought)

  • Default (default) *
  • Anaconda (Uncommon) *
  • Adurite (Rare) *
  • Asiimov (Ultra Rare)*
  • BA (Bearded Alien) (Common)
  • Golden (Common)
  • Radioactive (Uncommon) *
  • Rainbow (Uncommon) *
  • Recycled (Common)
  • Shooting Star (Uncommon)
  • Sparkle Time (Rare) *
  • Steampunk (Common)
  • Tarydium (Rare) *

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