Hats were a feature implemented in early beta version of Project Paintball. It was not supposed to be in Project Paintball at the start, but, it was added out of nowhere. CEO Chris12902 liked the idea of hats and wanted to build onto it by adding Limiteds. (you can see a list of limited hats by going to that link.) Items you redeem from twitter codes are called Promotional items. The following items are hats in Project Paintball's Catalog:

(starred cannot be bought)

  • #PUGSWAG2015* (Uncommon)
  • Australian Hippie (Common)
  • Biggy Bills* (Ultra Rare)
  • Balloonicorn* (Rare)
  • Drum Major (Uncommon)
  • Elvis* (Common)
  • Hat That Is Too Big* (Uncommon)
  • Invaders Must Die (Uncommon)
  • Paintball Mask (default)
  • Rainbow Beret* (Rare)
  • Revenge of the Paintballer* (Ultra Rare)
  • Sputnik (uncommon)
  • Steampunk Night Vision Goggles (Common)
  • Termonator Killer* (Rare)
  • The Euphoric Hipster* (Uncommon)
  • The Sock (Uncommon)
  • Troll of Roblox's Future (Common)

Hats can be added at any time to the catalog by using JSONs and Developer Products. This feature was added by gamenew09. Most hats are made by the Retexture Artists Official Channel to make the hats look the best they can. We like our catalog to have high quality at all times, so we look to these users for our retextures.

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